How To Slow Down Ejaculation

Looking for a way or two on how to slow down ejaculation? For men, slowing down the peak of sexual excitement is really difficult to do considering your hormones were built to be 10 times stronger than female hormones. With that in mind, you might want to find out how not to ejaculate too early, or to at least slow it down.

Some things to help you slow down ejaculation:

  • A mind distraction
  • Cold air or water
  • A fussy baby


  1. Distracting yourself. Yeah, easier said than done, but sometimes it actually works. It goes against every will in your body. But if you can focus on something else like driving your car, putting gas in the tank, pouring food in to your dogs bowl, etc. This could get your mind just slightly un-focused on the sexual activity that is arousing you to slow down ejaculation so your wife or girlfriend doesn't miss out.
  2. Get some air. Especially if it's cold outside. That will cool things off and slow down ejaculation. Of course that could also cool things of with your lady, so that may not be such good idea. So you could also quickly go in to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face to slow down ejaculation.
  3. When a fussy baby is helpful. This isn't very practical since you can't time your baby being fussy. Plus, you may or may not have any children. But the idea is to think about something or listen to something that irritates you or re-focuses you enough to slow down ejaculation.

Slowing down ejaculation isn't much fun for you, and every mans body is different. What works for you may not work for some one else. But what you are trying to do while slowing ejaculation, is to help give more time for your lady to enjoy herself. And isn't that partially what being sexually intimate is about – give and take? You are trying to make each other happy, while enjoying each other.

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