How To Smoke A Cigar Properly

Cigar smoking has long been viewed as a high class, masculine ritual, but it is necessary to know how to smoke a cigar properly. There are do's and don'ts that go along with enjoying cigars, and beginners often make mistakes that take away from the fine experience of enjoying their cigars. Seeing as how cigars are often expensive, knowing the proper way to smoke a cigar is important.

To smoke a cigar properly, you will need:

  • A cigar
  • A guillotine cutter, either single blade or double blade
  • Wooden matches or a butane lighter
  1. Cut the tip. The first step to smoking a cigar is to cut the tip so that it can be lit. Use a single or double blade guillotine cutter to cut your cigar, as using a knife or your teeth will compromise the structure of the cigar. Knowing where to cut he cigar is important, as cutting too low will make your cigar difficult to smoke, and cutting too high will cause the wrapper to unwind. The proper place to cut the cigar is just above the cap line of the cigar, before the curved end starts to straighten out.
  2. Warm the tobacco. Use patience when you light your cigar. This is not a cigarette that you're lighting. Be sure to use wooden matches or a butane lighter to light your cigar, as anything else will give your cigar an unpleasant chemical taste. Warm your cigar before lighting it, by holding the flame underneath the cigar and rolling the cigar. The distance of the flame should be far enough away so that the flame does not actually touch the cigar. Following this step will make your cigar more likely to light.
  3. Light your cigar. After the tobacco in your cigar has been warmed, it is time to light it. If you are using matches, strike another match to light your cigar. Hold your cigar at a 45 degree angle in your mouth. Hold the flame directly in front of your cigar, making sure that the flame doesn't touch the cigar's wrapper. Draw the flame into the cigar by inhaling slowly. Rotate the cigar while you are inhaling to ensure that the cigar is lit evenly on all sides.
  4. Smoke your cigar. After you have lit your cigar, begin smoking it. Inhale slowly and savor the smoke. However, do not fully inhale the smoke into your lungs. Simple inhale enough to draw the smoke into your mouth. Enjoy the aroma and taste and then exhale. Repeat this process until you have finished with your cigar.

Tips: It is normal for a cigar to sometimes extinguish while it is being smoked. If that happens, simply tap off any ash on the tip of the cigar and re-light it just as you would if you were lighting a fresh cigar. When you have finished with your cigar, it is not necessary to stab it out as one would do with a cigarette. All that you need to do is place it on the side of the ashtray, and it will go out on its own.

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