How To Smoke A Cigarette

If you’re a new smoker, you may be a little confused on how to smoke a cigarette properly without getting weird stares. Whether you want to socially smoke or you’ve had a bad day, this is the proper way to smoke a cigarette and get the full effect from tobacco!

To smoke a cigarette, you will need:

  • A cigarette
  • A lighter or matches
  1. Obtain a cigarette by either buying a pack or “bumming” off of a friend. “Bumming” is a common term used by smokers that means to basically ask for a smoke with nothing in return. Either way, once you’ve got your smoke and lighter/matches, you’re set.
  2. Place the cigarette in your mouth. Many people have their preferences about where they place the cigarette in the mouth. Some people prefer to smoke their cigarettes out of a certain side of their mouths, while others prefer to smoke theirs in the center. It really doesn’t make a difference where you decide to put it because it’s all a matter of preference.
  3. Light the match or lighter and hold the flame against the end of the cigarette. While holding the flame to the tobacco, inhale to draw the fire closer to it and allow the tobacco to burn.
  4. After a few seconds, cease the flame. Once the flame has touched the tobacco, it usually takes a few seconds maximum for the tobacco to stay lit. You’ll know the cigarette is properly lit when the entire end of it is burning red.
  5. Place the cigarette into your mouth and suck while inhaling. Because you are a new smoker, it would be a good idea to take brief drags or else your throat may start hurting. New smokers may also get nauseous from taking long drags. If you also happen to be smoking non-filtered, make sure that you take very short drags because the tobacco is vert strong.
  6. Hold the smoke inside of your lungs for five to ten seconds and then blow it out. You can either blow the smoke out of your mouth or nose, but new smokers usually find that exhaling through the nose can be quite painful.
  7. Make sure you’re holding it between your index and middle finger. It’s easiest to grip and hold it this way.
  8. Periodically “flick” it to get rid of the excess ashes. If you’re outside or driving, you can flick the cigarette by holding it between your index and middle finger and flicking your thumb down over the filter. If you’re inside or using an ashtray, a simple tap of the smoke on the rim of the ashtray will get rid of the ashes.
  9. Once it is smoked down close to the filter, put it out.You can put it out by throwing it into a cigarette bin, stubbing it out with your foot, smothering it in an ashtray by squashing it and other techniques.
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