How To Smoke A Cuban Cigar

Learn how to smoke a Cuban cigar by following these steps. Cuban cigars are unbelievably massive in size than a normal cigar, so suspense on how to smoke of this size will arise. Despite its size, they are easy to smoke. Follow these steps to begin smoking a Cuban cigar.

Things you'll need:

  • A Cuban cigar
  1. Hold the Cuban cigar between your middle finger and index finger. Since the Cuban cigar is large in size, holding it with just one hand will not be enough unless, of course, you were a professional at smoking them. Securing the Cuban cigar with those two fingers will keep it in place since the cigar's massive size could cause it to fall from your hands if not held properly.
  2. Take small puffs. A Cuban cigar could exert large amounts of smoke into the mouth if puffed too hard. This is due to their large size. Small puffs will prevent choking and overwhelming smoke puffs. However, some people may enjoy puffing a Cuban cigar hard, but it is not recommended. Over time, you may get familiar with the amount of pressure that is best for you.
  3. Enjoy yourself. Many people enjoy smoking Cuban cigars because they are oversized and exotic. There will be no reason for you not to enjoy yourself since you would be smoking the world's most popular form of tobacco. You could smoke a Cuban cigar doing almost anything. For example, many people enjoy smoking Cuban cigars while reading. Do not be surprised if your friends ask you to join!
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