How To Smoke Fish

Those who want to know how to smoke fish will find that it is a relatively simple process that is easy to follow. When homemakers smoke fish, it gives the fish a savory flavor as well as helps preserve the fish for a longer period of time than it would be if it wasn't smoked. Smoked fish can be preserved without refrigeration. The method of smoking fish used here is not the method used to preserve fish, rather it is used for flavor only. To smoke fish in the traditional manner, gather the materials listed below.

  • Container for smoking such as a smoker or old refrigerator with a large metal container in the bottom
  • Two cookie sheets or other flat metal surfaces
  • Wood chips or wood dust
  • Cooking oil
  • Brine
  • Fish
  • Charcoal
  • Slotted Rack to set the fish on
  1. Prepare the fish. Before you can smoke fish, you must first cut the heads and tails off and brine the fish. The skin should be left on as it helps to hold the fish together. Use a favorite brine recipe to brine the fish for about two hours before smoking it.
  2. Prepare the slotted rack. Coat the rack with oil so that the fish do not stick to it.
  3. Prepare the smoking materials. Light the charcoal in the bottom of the metal pan or smoker. Place one of the metal trays a few inches above the charcoal. Cover the metal tray with wood chips or wood dust. Cover the chips or dust so that the drippings that fall as you smoke fish will not land on the wood.
  4. Smoke the fish. Place the brined fish on the rack and close the door or lid. Allow it to smoke for about two hours or until the fish is flaky. If the chips become too hot or seem to be burning, simply spray the charcoal with water to cool it down a bit.


Stoves to Make Smoked Fish

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