How To Smoke A Pipe

Learning how to smoke a pipe is like learning to pick your nose. The correct pipe smoking method requires just a little bit more finesse, however. We'll focus on tobacco smoking here because it involves a bit more detail. 

To smoke a pipe, you will need:

  • Pipe
  • Incendiary device such as a lighter
  • Tobacco
  • Pipe tamper
  1. Fill your pipe. Load the pipe with tobacco, then push down on it lightly to pack it in. Don't try to squash it. You'll need some internal ventilation in the tobacco to keep it lit.  Repeat the process again, only this time you should pack the pipe a little bit harder. Load your pipe again a third time with a slightly firmer pressure. 
  2. Light your pipe. Burn the top layer of the tobacco evenly without scorching it. At the same time, give your pipe a light puff. Your puff should be just hard enough to pull the flame toward the tobacco. If you have a pipe tamper, follow your even burn with your tamper to push down any newly charred tobacco that has risen. You may need to repeat this whole step for an optimum pipe smoking experience. Your pipe may not be fully lit after the tampering process. 
  3. Relight your pipe. Move the flame evenly around the top layer of charred tobacco in your pipe with the purpose of relighting it. Give it some even puffs until the pipe is smoking well. 
  4. Smoke your pipe. Try to be as relaxed as possible while smoking your pipe. If you're uptight, you may be tempted to suck hard while smoking your pipe. You can ruin the tobacco's flavor. Smoke your pipe gently and savor the smoke in your mouth, then blow it out. Do not inhale it into your lungs. 
  5. Maintain your pipe while smoking it. Ash will build up on the top layer as you smoke your pipe. Give the pipe a little knock once in a while to get rid of excess ash. If your pipe gets gurgly while you're smoking it, you can stick a pipe cleaner into the pipe's tube to remove moisture. Moisture is evenly preventable, however, if you smoke the pipe with relaxed puffs. 
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