How To Snipe In Halo 3

Figuring out how to snipe in Halo 3 will take a little practice. Sniping in Halo 3 is a very important skill to possess. Playing the campaign version, as well as the multiplayer, Sniping effectively in Halo 3 will help you advance through the maps. An effective sniper can clear out an entire area of bad guys without much difficulty. The following tips will help you become a very effective long range killer in Halo 3. You’ll never want to be without some sort of long range weapon in Halo 3 again. Here’s how to snipe in Halo 3.

  1. Understand your weapon. The first thing you need to know about sniping in Halo 3 is your weapon. The rate of fire and sensitivity of both the alien sniper rifle and the marine rifle are things you must get used to. The best way to learn these weapons is just to practice firing them. Find the rifles throughout the campaign, or set up a multiplayer game and spend some time shooting your guns off.
  2. The Zoom. In Halo 3, being able to properly use the zoom on your sniper rifles will mean the difference between your life and getting brutally slaughtered. You’ll be using the x2 zoom in most cases. You’ll only need to use x16 zoom at extreme distances or narrow pathways. You need to practice switching between the zooms to get you a better shot, as well as helping you view the world around you better. Staying in zoom for too long blinds you from potential advancements on either side of you.
  3. The reticle. This friends, is your savior. If it glows red (while using the alien weaponry), it means you have a lock on the target. Fire away. The marine version of the sniper rifle, the crosshairs will turn red as well.
  4. Moving. When sniping in Halo 3, it’s important not to stay planted in the same place for too long. If you get a few kills in one spot, you need to quickly move to another secure area. Staying in the same spot for too long will eventually give your position away.
  5. Other stuff. Sniping on the move is useful. This requires that you learn how to lead your enemies. You’ll have to practice firing in front of their pathway of movement. Remember, understanding how quickly each sniper rifle fires will help determine when to fire a sniper round at a moving target, or when to fire while you’re moving. Staying low helps as well. Firing the sniper rifle while crouched gives you a bit more stability. Also, holding the left trigger can slow your breathing, which will help to stabilize your weapon.
  6. Damage. Know where to shoot your enemies. Of course headshots are the one hitter quitters. But, two solid shots to the chest will knockout most enemies as well. The stronger guys will take up to four plugs.
  7. A good backup weapon. There will come times when you’ll have to get up close and personal. A good sniper can kill people up close without the zoom, but eventually you’ll be gunned down. The sniper rifle just isn’t fast enough to handle up close battles. So, always, always, always keep a powerful side weapon. The shotgun is probably your best choice. With a great deal of practice and a boat load of weaponry, you too can be a great sniper in Halo 3. 
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