How To Snowboard Big Air

Looking to snowboard big air takes a how to attitude and the mechanics to pull it off. Snowboarding is a popular sport. Catching big air on a snowboard is exciting and flashy. Learning how to pull off big air on a snowboard takes skill and technique. This article will step you through one of the best ways to catch big air, the half pipe. The half pipe is the snowboarders big air dream. Certainly, you can capture some big air on a quarter pipes. The half pipe however, offers the snowboarder the possibilities of catching big air repeatedly without resetting at the top of the mountain. Check out the routine below and you to can catch big air on a snowboard, if you have the skill.

To snowboard big air, you will need:

  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard gear
  • Half pipe
  • Advanced to expert skill level

How to catch big air on a snowboard:

  1. Strap on all your gear, especially the helmet and goggles. Stretch out and get yourself psyched for the half pipe. Make a few runs up and down the half pipe to get a feel for the run. If you’re not feeling it, then hit the mountain and enjoy the day.
  2. Otherwise, work your way to the landing. Head down the half pipe at an angle and then back down to the other side. Remember to bend your knees as you move up then straighten at the top.
  3. Work your way back and forth, gaining speed as you do. Approach the lip of the half pipe like any other trick. Knees bent and then burst off the lip. The combination of your speed and push will give you big air.
  4. The faster you are going, the bigger the air. Be certain to turn to face the half pipe on the way down. Approaching this as a first timer in a fakie is a disaster waiting to happen. As you build up confidence, so will your speed. Remember speed and technique is the key.
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