How To Snowboard Double Cork

Learning how to  snowboard double cork is an expert rider trick to learn. Learning the double cork is no joke. In most cases, the double cork is a professional grade warm up trick. Learning how to do the double cork takes extraordinary control and snowboard management and should not be tried by everyone. The overall aspect of the double cork is two inverted flips off a mammoth amount of body torque. The double cork used to be a trick stable in the X-Games and Olympics. As tricks evolve, the double cork is still seen but it is no longer the trick it once was. If you are looking to learn this trick, beware of the extreme danger and high level of difficulty.

What you will need to stick this trick:

  • Freestyle snowboard
  • Half pipe
  • Full snowboard safety gear
  • Expert snowboarding skill level

How to double cork on a snowboard:

  1. Limber up, stretch and spend some time checking out the half pipe. You need to be familiar with the slope, grade and any nuances on the half pipe. This trick requires plenty of air and for this reason, the half pipe must be clear.
  2. Once ready, hit the half pipe at an angle. Take off from the opposite side down the half pipe. As you approach the lip of the half pipe, twist your body to the inside hard. When airborne your body will twist naturally, due to the torque you created at the leave point of the half pipe.
  3. While in the air, perform a front grab. Your free hand can either go up or out to help with balance (more advanced snowboarders can double heel grab). As you twist, bring your knees to your chest. You will do an inverted flip, this action is natural based on the twist of the body and your moment forward off the front side grab.
  4. Coming out of the double corkscrew, release the front side grab. Push the legs out but not all the straight. Land as you would off any jump, straightening up on impact.
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