How To Snowboard Goofy Footed

Do you want to know how to snowboard goofy footed? Most snowboarders are naturally prone to ride with their left foot in front, and are called "regular" riders. "Goofy" riders are those who prefer riding with the right foot in front. However, having the ability to ride with either foot in front is a good way to avoid risks and have more fun in the snow.

To snowboard goofy footed, you will need:

  • A snowboard
  • Snowboarding safety gear
  • A snowy mountain
  1. Set the bindings at a near to zero angle. This is perpendicular to the axis of the board.
  2. Start heading down a gentle slope with your right foot in front. Regardless of your snowboard's shape, use your right foot in front and adapt the position of your body accordingly.
  3. Pay attention to the position of your shoulders. Keep in mind that snowboarding goofy will seem quite uncomfortable at first. You should always look ahead with your chin on top of your right shoulder, as you do with your left side when you ride regular.
  4. Make sure, still riding gentle slopes, that you can go back and forth from regular to goofy. The transition must be done riding with your body weight equally balanced between both feet and also between the tips and heels of your feet.
  5. Start turns from your shoulders and arms to your feet. This way the goofy turns will feel more natural.
  6. As you get more confident, start snowboarding goofy footed on increasingly difficult terrain. Make the transition in small steps, allowing your body to adapt to the new sensations.

Remember to always wear a helmet when snowboarding, and allow yourself enough space to turn and stop without threatening the safety of other skiers and snowboarders.

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