How To Snowboard Without Snow

Who says you can only have winter fun when its cold—heres how to snowboard without snow. Along with all of the winter fun comes the winter cold. There's a lot of us out there that just can't stand the cold. They wish they could ski without the snow, or ice skate without the ice, so why not figure out a way to snowboard without the snow? There's got to be a way to figure out how to enjoy your snowboard without the snow. These ideas will help. Here's how to snowboard without snow.

  1. Find the proper board. Just like skateboards, there are multiple snowboards to choose from. All of which work well… On snow. Because you're attempting to snowboard without the snow, there's only one snowboard best suited to handle the added friction of another type of surface. The freestyle board will be our best bet. It's specifically made for different types of terrain, be it snowy terrain, but it's still our best chance for a successful ride. It's made for handling multiple jumps on different surfaces. You better believe you'll need to be jumping now, with no snow and all. 
  2. Snowboard prep. All snowboards are created to ride on top of the snow. Snow doesn't cause as much friction as other surfaces. In order to snowboard without the snow you'll have to compensate for the greater friction the rider will be dealing with. There's only one way to snowboard without snow regardless of the board. You need to spread some sort of lubricant on the bottom of the board. Anything that can lessen the friction will be helpful. Just make sure it doesn't damage your board. It will eventually snow at some point and you don't want a snowboard that can't snowboard with snow. Water based lubricants are probably the best choice. Maybe even a surfboard's wax. Since snowboarding without snow is more of an experiment anyway, do some tests to see which substance works the best.
  3. Where to snow-less board. Steep hills are your only option. Nothings going to totally make up for the added friction you'll have to deal with but the steeper the hill, the greater chance you can make it down the hill. Now, you don't want the hill to be so steep that you're doing more of a fall than a snowboarding descent.
  4. Technique. There's going to be a lot greenery and grasses to trip you up. Lucky for you, once you're binded to your board, you have complete control over it. Remember all that jumping discussed earlier? Be glad you chose the freestyle board, because even with all of our preparation, there's a great chance that you'll need to periodically jump to get over rough patches in the slope or to even keep your momentum going to get to the bottom of the hill. It's all an experiment so try different things out.
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