How To Soften Feet

Want to learn how to soften feet? Are your feet rough and scaly? Believe it or not, girls do really care what a guy's feet look like. You shouldn't be lying in bed with someone and scraping their legs with your rough feet and long toenails. Read on for a guide of how to soften feet.

In order to soften your feet, you'll need:

  • acne pads with salicylic acid on them
  • lotion – the thicker the better

 How to Soften Feet:

  1. Wash your feet. The first step to doing the feet softening routine is to make sure you are working with clean feet. Either take a bath or shower or you can fill up a basin with water and use soap to clean your feet in it.
  2. Use the acne pads. The best exfoliate is salicylic acid, which is on the wet acne pads you buy in the drug store to clean your face with. Take one pad and rub it all over your foot, concentrating on the rough areas like the heels, toes and sides of the foot. Use a second pad for your other foot. 
  3. Lotion them up. Next, apply a thick lotion to each of your feet, and make sure you are completely covering it. Concentrate on the rough areas and the heels.
  4. Put on socks. Use any pair of socks to carefully cover your feet, being careful not to rub off the lotion as you put them on.

You can do this to soften your feet as often as you like. Once your cracked heels and rough spots disappear, you can cut back to doing it once a week as needed. This is the best way to get rid of rough skin, exfoliate your feet, and then allow the moisture of the thick lotion to penetrate the skin. Now you know how to soften your feet so you don't have any excuses.



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