How To Soften A Leather Jacket

After years of wear, knowing how to soften a leather jacket is necessary. A leather jacket dries out over time and wrinkles and cracks just like our skin. You have to continuously condition leather to keep it soft and to bring back its luster.

What you'll need:

  • Clean cloths
  • Mild liquid soap
  • Bucket or bowl
  • Leather conditioner
  1. Clean the jacket. Before you can properly condition the leather jacket, you have to make sure the leather is clean. Any dirt and residue on the leather will leave a discolored spot. If you don't clean the jacket before the conditioning process, it may end up looking like you have stains on the jacket when you are done conditioning.
  2. Hang up your leather jacket. It is easiest to clean a leather jacket if it is hanging up. A doorway that has plenty of room for you to move around is the best suggestion. Make sure the lighting is good so you can see what you are doing.
  3. Dampen a clean cloth in a soapy solution. Grab a mild liquid soap like dish soap or baby wash. You want a soap that does not contain perfumes so it won't strip too many oils from the leather jacket. Put a teaspoon of liquid soap to a gallon of cold water. Get your cloth wet and ring out any excess water so the cloth isn't too damp. Have some clean dry rags on hand.
  4. Clean the leather jacket one section at a time. The cleaning process is a quick three-in-one procedure. Clean a section of the leather jacket with the damp soapy rag, wipe off the soap with a clean damp rag, and dry with a dry rag. Repeat this until all sections of the leather jacket are clean.
  5. Condition the jacket. Wherever they sell leather, they sell leather conditioner. It doesn't cost much at all. Different leather conditioners have different application processes. Some are wipe on and some are spray on. Make sure to read the directions carefully and apply the conditioner one section at a time to soften the leather jacket.
  6. Re-condition the jacket. After the leather conditioner has been applied, you may want to apply more conditioner. Make sure to let the leather conditioner dry completely so you can see how soft your leather jacket becomes. Each time you condition the leather, it should become softer. If you take care of your leather jacket by conditioning it every couple of months, you will always have a soft leather jacket.
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