How To Solder Silver Jewelry

Learning how to solder silver jewelry is important if you want to be able to maintain your own jewelry and learning how to do it doesn’t take much to learn. Soldering silver jewelry takes a steady hand and the proper tools. This article will outline the proper mechanics and tools needed to solder silver jewelry. Soldering silver jewelry will save you expensive repair bills from your local jeweler. Soldering silver jewelry will also open a means of additional income for yourself. Soldering silver jewelry has benefits beyond your personal jewelry as soldering silver jewelry can be turned into a side business. Look at the supply list and techniques required to solder silver jewelry.

Things you will need to do this:

  • Soldering iron or gun
  • Soldering stand with accessories
  • Silver core resin


  1. First thing is to warm up the solder iron or gun. Tune the tip of the soldering iron or gun by coating it with solder. Now clean the solder tip, this is done with the sponge that comes with the soldering station.
  2. Roll out some of the silver resin core. Place the piece of silver jewelry needing soldering on a flat surface (preferably a workbench or a surface that heat or resin will not damage). Place the end of the resin on the area requiring soldering.
  3. place the tip of the soldering iron or gun on the resin. The heat will quickly melt the resin s, so do this slowly. Only a small amount of resin will be needed. Once the area is applied with resin, remove both the soldering iron or gun and the resin from the jewelry.



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