How Soon Can I Wax After Repainting My Car?

If you are repainting your vehicle, you may be wondering, "How soon can I wax after repainting my car?" Waxing your car will keep it shiny and looking new, but if you wax too soon after repainting, you run the risk of damaging your new paint job.

  1. Find out what kind of paint was used. Ask the person who painted your car if the paint was heat cured or not. Heat cured paint can be waxed sooner than other types of wax. Always ask the advice of the person who painted your car before you wax it.
  2. Wait at least two months before waxing. You will need to wait until the paint is fully cured. Depending on the type of paint that was used, this process can take up to two months.
  3. Wax a hidden spot. Test out the waxing process by choosing a hidden spot that you can wax. Rub the spot with car polish and if paint rubs off on your rag, then you know that you need to wait a little longer before waxing your car.
  4. Smell the paint. If the weather gets hot and you can smell the paint on the car, then it's not yet time to wax.

Time is your bestfriend when trying to wax a freshly repainted car. You will need to wait at least two months to be able to wax your car without causing any damage to the paint job. Take your time, find out what type of paint was used and don't be afraid to ask the body shop for help.



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