How Soon Is Too Soon To Date After Breaking Up?

Wondering how soon is too soon to date after breaking up? Everyone's time limit is different. It depends upon the healing of the broken relationship that has taken place. Is he or she over the breakup or looking to rebound?

  1. Rebounding is not healthy. it begins with looking for the same person in someone else. Rebounding also occurs when an ego has been altered. Looking for attention from just about anyone will get someone like yourself in trouble. Listening to good old advice about waiting awhile before dating again is wise. Listening to people who have been through breakups and who are on their feet and happy is a good piece of advice.
  2. No one knows better than you if it is time to date again. If your heart is still broken, it may not be a good time. The person you wish to date in the future doesn't deserve to be the second fiddle to your dreams of the perfect soul-mate. The person of your dreams doesn't have to be anyone on your first date after not dating for awhile. Going head first into a dating situation and making promises you will not keep, or are not ready to keep, is not the best thing to do. 
  3. Everyone needs time from a breakup. Making the changes within yourself that need to occur for a successful relationship in the future, is important and success is right around the corner. Keeping a journal of what you want in that special person may help a little. The biggest thing you can do for yourself is give it some time and enjoy being single for awhile.
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