How To Spank With A Belt

If you are looking to spice up you love life, learn how to spank with a belt and bring up the intensity in your bedroom. Spanking with a belt can be used to turn both of you on, but always make sure you act safely and responsibly.

  1. For starters, you should find out if your partner is even into getting spanked. The last thing you want to do is scare your partner. Start off with your hand and quickly tap on that backside, this will usually let you know how far you can go, listen for key phrases such as, "Ooh! I like that" or "harder, harder!" When pulling out that belt, keep in mind that control is the goal.
  2. Let your partner know how bad they have been, and the belt beat down is in full effect.  Restrained biting and hair pulling are always a wise choice. Keep everything in motion, stroke,stroke, spank, stroke stroke spank. And talk nasty, the kinkier the much better. Now when belt spanking, remember it is all in the wrist, go to town, but avoid the doctors office.
  3. Black and blue bruises, blood shed and broken ribs are unnecessary unless your into that sort of thing.  So when attempting the belt spanking start off light and apply the pressure as needed give them what they want while satisfying yourself in the process.
  4. Command your partner, take charge, and make them sweat for added sting. Let them know that you mean business and you will have learned how to spank with a belt.
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