How To Spank A Girl

If you're looking to take foreplay to the next level, it's likely that you'll want to know how to spank a girl. Giving a girl a good spanking is a great to stimulate often neglected nerves lying under the layers of muscle known at the gluteus maximus. Not only that, but because her genitals are so close to her butt, spanking increases blood flow to her naughty bits and leads to a greater state of arousal. Here's how to spank a girl and take her to the next level:

  1. Get her in the right position. Spanking a girl is almost entirely about where she is while you dish out your loving blows. Lay her down across your lap and place a pillow under her front side to get her butt as high in the air as possible. Once her rump is in position, give her a few smacks on the meaty cheek portion of her butt.
  2. Learn the toys of the trade. Spanking a girl with toys is a good way to increase blood flow (which means increased arousal) than your hand is capable of alone. Try hitting her with a paddle or a whip and see how she reacts. Girls also love the excitement of incorporating new toys and experiences into sex and it's likely that this fact alone will get her to a higher state of almighty horniness.
  3. Play dress up. Speaking of incorporating new experiences into sex, playing dress up is a great way get maximum mileage out of spanking a girl. Maybe she's been a naughty schoolgirl, a bad prisoner or a chained up Nazi nurse. Either way you want to do it, the fact is that going wild with images of fantasy and domination while spanking will make her go wild.

Spanking a girl is a simple act that can lead into uncharted sexual territory. This is good for both you and her, as she'll swear up and down that you're a god of your day, while you'll get the kinkiest sex of your life. Be creative, be rough and give her a good spanking.

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