How To Spank Women To Orgasm

To successfully know how to spank women to orgasm, you only have to follow a few easy steps. The kink involved in getting spanked can really turn a woman on, in ways that other things you do to her won’t. Dominating her properly is something you will get better with practice…practice that she won’t mind “submitting” to.

  1. Tell her her ahead of time what she has coming. Part of the turn on for a women in being spanked is the feeling of being “bad” or “naughty” and being punished for it. Most of the arousal comes from psychological angle, and not so much the physical. If you plan to spank women to orgasm, be prepared to start the foreplay early in the day. Let her know that she has been a bad girl and that later tonight she is going to get her punishment. Throughout the day point out little things that you disapprove of, and perhaps add a certain number of spankings to a running total because of these misbehaviors. This day-long role playing will have her wet and ready when the time comes for you to administer justice.
  2. Make her choose her implement. To spank women to orgasm, understand that they have to be comfortable with what you’re using on them. Give your partner a variety of options, each of which will hopefully excite her. Perhaps you can offer your hand, a belt, a sex toy designed for spanking—such as a leather strap—a cutting board and a traditional paddle. Your partner will be turned on by the demand that she chooses what you spank her with and once she has chosen, commence with the beatings.
  3. Start slow, then increase the intensity. If you come in guns blazing and go over the top right away, it can be too intense for your partner. Remember, her skins is soft and sensitive and you have build up the intensity of the swats. Start lightly…perhaps so lightly that they barely even sting, and then gradually build. But the time that she’s about to over the top, you’ll be able to spank her with all your might. To know how to spank women to orgasm, this is a key point to remember. Otherwise, you might completely turn her off.
  4. Be verbal. As you administer swat after swat to your partner, remind her why she’s getting spanked and ask her if she’s going to get better because of this punishment. To know how to spank women to orgasm, remember to keep the role-play going, which will keep her juices flowing the entire time. Count her swats out, make her call you “master” and make her tell you she’s sorry for being so bad.
  5. Go in for the finish. Women reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation—and in rare cases from vaginal penetration alone. When spanking women to orgasm keep in mind that occasional caresses of her clitoris are going to build her closer and closer to her climax. As you see that she’s ready to orgasm—or if you simply think she’s had all the spanking that she can take—reach in and begin to rub her in that special spot. Or if you wish to have both hands free for the best spanking you can give, command her to get herself off. As she hits her peak, spank her hard, but remember to subside quickly as her orgasm ends.
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