How To Spank Your Wife

Learning how to spank your wife properly will result in increased fun and adventure in the bedroom and more sexual gratification for both of you. A man must set the right tone, create the proper atmosphere, and use the correct implements to do this well. If he masters this task, he will master his wife, and ultimately have her begging for more in the bedroom.

  1. Tap into her taboos. It is said that the most important erogenous zone is the mind, and your wife may find that role-playing and submitting to you for being “naughty” is a huge turn on. Before beginning to spank your wife, take a commanding tone with her, tell her that she’s been bad, and tell her what you’re going to do about it. You can even start this during the day, long before you’ve made it to the bedroom, and let the anticipation build.
  2. Establish a safe word. In order to spank your wife and have her embrace it fully, it is important that she knows that, despite your power over her, her safety is guaranteed and she still maintains some control. Prior to starting, agree on a word she can use when she wants you to stop. When you hear this word know that you should break character and that she needs a break.
  3. Get her in the proper position. After you’ve got her motor running, get her into a position that will make it easy to spank your wife. On her knees with her bottom up in the air is probably best, as it is comfortable for her and gives you a nice target.
  4. Choose the right implement. When thinking of how to spank your wife, consider that this largely depends on what she likes. She may like your bare hand, as it is intimate and “raw.” She might like a soft paddle, a leather strap, or something firm with a lot of sting to it, such as a traditional wooden paddle.
  5. Keep up the dialogue. A key point to remember when you spank your wife is that the entire session is part of a role play for her. She will want you to tell her why she is being spanked and may want you to call her names. Part of the turn on for her during this is feeling like a “bad” girl, different than her standard role in the office or the house. Talking to her in the right way will add to her enjoyment.
  6. Start slow, finish strong. The skin around her buttocks is probably soft and tender, so when you spank your wife you can’t start off with strokes that are too hard. Begin with light taps and as she responds, both physically and verbally, you will know you can increase the intensity. As she nears the finish line you can likely spank her very hard, and when she reaches her peak she will probably want you to really bring the message home. But as during the entire time, watch her closely for cues so you don’t overdo it.
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