How To Spank

A good way to spice up the sex in the bedroom is with an old fashioned spanking, but you better know how to spank correctly.  There is a difference between corporal punishment and a sexual encounter where spanking is concerned.  If your partner approaches you and asks for a spanking, you may be on the verge of discovering an entire new realm of pleasure for both of you. However, if you have dreamed of spanking your partner, and your partner never considered spanking as part of an erotic encounter, you may have to do a little warm up to prepare them.

Consensual spanking is hot, and if the person giving the spanking is watchful of the person receiving the spanking, communication will be as simple as a hand slapping against the butt.  The receiver will be either moaning and groaning wanting more, or screaming in real pain and anguish.  It is a tightrope the spanker walks, to push her to the edge of tolerance, yet leaving her begging for more.

  1. Start by warming up your hands.  Cold hands will detract from the experience right off the bat.  For your first spanking, plan to use only your hand and plan for an extended period of playtime.  A good spanking should take more than just a few minutes.
  2. Have your victim get into position.  She can lay across your lap, bend over the arm of the couch, or lay flat on her stomach on the bed.  Your victim should be comfortable and have plenty of upper body support while you should be able to watch her reactions as well as reach her butt from a comfortably angle.
  3. Begin warming up your victim’s bottom.  Spank the ass cheeks, one at a time, and alternating to each cheek in turn.   Aim carefully and wait a few moments between each swat.  Gently rub the area where you swatted while you judge her reaction.
  4. Judge her reaction.  As her bottom warms up and becomes more sensitive, you will be able to judge how well she is taking the new situation.  If she is panting and becoming aroused you can spank a bit harder.  If she is in real agony, you know to back off a bit.
  5. Continue to spank her. You will both become more aroused if you will vary your timing and strength of the spanking as she becomes more and more aroused. 
  6. Maintain your control while you are spanking your partner.  If you interrupt her with questions such as “Are you okay?” or “Can I do it harder?” she will lose some of the effect of the spanking.  Let her body language tell you what you need to know. 

Her butt will be red and sensitive when it is all over, but there is a certain pleasure that comes with erotic pain.  Take your time, and watch her reactions, as well as your own, and you will find she will be more than ready for round two when the time is right.    

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