How To: Spanking Role Play

When choosing role playing ideas you may want to learn how to do spanking role play. Spanking role playing may not be for everyone; however, many couples find that spanking is erotic and very sexually arousing. Spanking can heighten the senses and allow the slightest touch to turn you on. Although more advanced role-playing couples use spanking props, it can be as simple and putting someone over your knee and spanking their behind.

 For spanking role play, you will need:

  • An agreement or understanding between each person involved in what will take place.
  • A safe word 
  • Spanking tools (riding crop, leather strap, etc)
  • Outfits or costumes

Spanking role play ideas can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. You can use props and costumes or simply work a few whacks into your regular lovemaking sessions.

  1. Set a safe word. This is the most important step when performing any kind of violent role playing scenarios to ensure the safety of all people involved. There is a fine line between erotic spanking and hurtful spanking, it is easy to get carried away. A safe word is a word that means stop other than using the word stop. A safe word could be oranges, red light, toilet paper: basically anything that is agreed on by both people. 
  2. Choose the dominant partner. During spanking role play one is the dominate partner while the other is submissive and receives the spanking. 
  3. Choose your spanking tool. A spanking tool can be virtually anything. It is recommend to smack yourself on the leg to make note of the force needed to make a solid yet non-abusive whack. Even a slight practice session before hand could be in order. Some spanking tools take slight force to make a painful smack. 
  4. Being slowly and lead up to the ultimate climax. Take your time, learn each others likes and dislikes when it comes to spanking. Enjoy the moment. 
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