How To Speak Gibberish

Many people want to learn how to speak gibberish because it’s fun and provides a quirky way to relay messages to other people. To the average person, gibberish sounds a whole lot like a bunch of chatter and indecipherable mumbo jumbo. To those who have practiced the playful language, it all makes complete sense. If you’d like to learn to speak gibberish, follow these easy steps and practice!

To speak gibberish, you will need:

  • Practice material, such as baby books
  1. The first step in learning gibberish is breaking each word down, syllable by syllable. When you first learn gibberish, it’s good practice to just completely forget about whole words. You must start thinking about words as if their syllables are whole words themselves. For example, take the word “hospital” for example. Instead of thinking of the word “hospital” as the whole word, break it down into its three syllables. These would be “hos,” “pit” and “tul.” Start practicing with breaking every word you hear down into smaller words- their syllables.

  2. Next, start adding “otha-g” in before every single instance with a vowel. This will add the complex gibberish element to the funny language. For example, try speaking the word “bottle” in gibberish. This would be “b otha-g ott otha-g le.” It sounds a lot like mumbo jumbo, but after studying the language for awhile, it will make sense. 

  3. Try translating more English words to gibberish. For quick practice, try these words: television, dishwasher, school, writing, and pictures.

  4. Use practice material.To begin actually speaking the language fluently, you’ll need more practice than just words. Crack open some practice materials such as baby books. These types of books tend to contain short and easy sentences, and they’re perfect for practicing the language. Keep practicing with the baby books until you can read them at a normal rate. You can also practice by having your friends speak the language to you. Your job is to figure out what they’re saying. Gibberish is a fun way to communicate, and it’s also fun to learn!

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