How To Speed Up My Bass Boat

If your bass boat is running slow, read on to learn how to speed up your bass boat. Many bass fishers want a bass boat that can give them the speed required to get in and out of holes quickly. Especially during a bass tournament, it is essential to have the right speed when you need it.

Things you'll need:

  • Props
  • Jack plates
  1. Use the right prop. Having the right prop for your boat is one of the top keys for speed on any boat. Props need to slip in order to give you the best performance. A good prop that will speed up your bass boat is a three blade propeller. This gives you faster speed when you want to get on a plane quickly. A four blade prop allows virtually the same thing except it is used more for pulling skiers. The three and four blade props are available for purchase in aluminum and stainless steel. Many boaters like the stainless steel prop better. Talk with a local boat dealer about the best prop for your boat. 
  2. Using a jack plate to speed up your bass boat. Yes, a jack plate can give you more speed. Remove the motor from your boat and place the jack plate where the motor was held. Next, reattach the motor to the jack plate. Having the motor up a bit higher can give you faster speed.
  3. Check out your boat motor. If you would like to find out if your boat motor will go faster, check your motor first. Many motors are designed to go a certain speed and nothing faster. Check with your boat dealer and see if there is anymore speed to be had from the type of motor you are using.
  4. Keep boat motor in top shape. Checking your boat motor often is the best way to ensure it continues to run properly. Before the start of fishing season have a boat mechanic check your motor.
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