How To Speed Up Web Browser

Have you ever wondered how to speed up web browser connections? At times web browsing may seem slow. Using high speed internet will give you a faster computer, speeding up your  web browser. You can also choose to block your flash program. Use automatic passwords through your password manager to secure your computer. Another tip on how to speed up your web browser is to not download or keep anything on your computer that you do not use often as it decreases loading time. Remove programs you do not use a lot or do not need. Here are more tips on how to speed up web browser:

  1. How to speed up your web browser (for use with certain systems) – Tap Ctrl + N will open up a duplicate window allowing you to surf then come back to the page instead of bookmarking the site. Delete bookmarks and write the information down if you want to visit a site or sites periodically. Right clicking on a link will allow you to open another window while maintaining the page you were on. Depending on what system you are running, speeding up a web browser may vary. Ctrl + F will open a find box for searching. Alt +F4 will close pop up windows. This will also help with virus/spy control.
  2. Some more information on how to speed up your web browser – Use browsers to open HTML copies of large document files instead of downloaded programs.
  3. Still other browsers respond best if you utilize their optional add-ons. Some will prevent program's and advertisers from running unless you choose to temporarily or permanently allow them. Each advertising company, etc. is listed separately so you can choose which additional items are needed to run a page. Use an LSO cookie remover (available as an add-on in some browsers) and use it often.
  4. Another tip on how to speed up your web browser is running your anti-spy and anti-virus may help speed up a web browser. Often times, viruses etc. can slow your system to a crawl.
  5. A vital piece of information on how to speed up a web browser is to defragment often. Daily use will break fragments of programs off taking longer to call up the program when wanted.



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