How To Spice Up Sex

It’s time to chase away some bedroom boredom by learning how to spice up sex. Every couple goes through sexual slumps. Try a few of the techniques to give your sex life some much needed spice.

  1. Make a date night. To keep sex from becoming just another chore, schedule some alone time between you and your partner. Getting out of the house to do something fun can help add the spark you are missing. Even if you both decide just to have date night in, it’s still planned time together.
  2. Break out of the bed. Having sex anywhere besides the bed in your bedroom can really help add some spice. For the adventures couples try somewhere outdoors or in the car. For those that want to keep it more tamed you can try a different room of the house or even just a chair in your bedroom.
  3. Get clean together. Surprising your woman in the shower can really heat things up. For couples that are married with children this can be a good way to get in some morning nookie. Children shouldn’t be too suspicious of their parents in the bathroom together.
  4. Flirt with each other. When couples have been together for a while they forget to flirt with each other outside of the bedroom. Remember to add physical contact all the time. Simple things are holding hands, kissing and hugs. Also try sending flirting and suggestive text or emails. To really help add some spice to your bedroom behavior, try sending message of dirty talk to your partner describing what you want to do later.
  5. Masturbate together as foreplay. Everyone masturbates and the ones that claim they don’t, do it the most. So why not share that erotic behavior with your partner. You can either enjoy mutual masturbation together or have your woman put on a show for you.
  6. Get a little tied up. Bondage might seem much too extreme for most couples. But adding a few tie up games or even a blindfold to your normal sexual activities can really kick up the spice factor. Start out slow. You can use a handkerchief to tie your partner up or as a blindfold. Keep communication open and don’t push boundaries too fast.
  7. Add some toys. Many people feel that adding toys will take away some of the intimacy of sex. Others are just intimidated with the choices and not sure what to suggest to their partner. A good way to avoid these common concerns and make it fun is to go shopping together. Turn going to a sex store into a date night or just shop online for some things together.
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