How To Spike A Mohawk

You're gotten brave with your haircut and now it's time to figure out how to spike a Mohawk. This bold new look will lend itself to attention on the street, and stares from the older generation, but allows you the freedom to express yourself, just as your 1970s predecessors did. Made popular by the punk rock movement, which peaked in 1977 with bands like The Sex Pistols and GBH, the style has remained popular within the punk sub-culture.

  1. Purchase the appropriate products.  When learning how to spike a mohawk, the first thing you need to learn is which hair gels and sprays work the best. Choose gels for maximum hold and hair sprays that dry stiff and do not allow movement. Some punkers prefer to use a gelatin mix instead of gel. This mix is prepared according to the box directions.
  2. Wash and towel dry your hair. Removing any old products from your hair is a must to spike a mohawk. Consider using a clarifying shampoo designed to remove any old gel or sprays. Towel dry your hair to leave it slightly damp.
  3. Apply hair gel from root to tip. Be extremely generous in the application and be sure to get all the way to the scalp. There will be a trial and error period when learning how to spike a mohawk. The amount of gel needed varies from person to person.
  4. Push your hawk into place using the palms of your hands. Place one hand on each side of the hair and press upwards. Apply more gel each time your rub your hands up the hawk. The key to how to spike a mohawk is getting the line straight down the middle of the head. Always push the mohawk into place in front of a mirror.
  5. Apply hair spray. Spray ample amounts on the hair while it is still wet with gel. Learning how to spike a mohawk also means learning how to apply hair spray for some men. Always hold the can at least three inches from the head and move the can back and forth on each side of the head. Do not spray continuously in one spot.
  6. Allow the hair to dry. Spot treat any loose hair with spray.
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