How To Spike Serve On Wii Sports Tennis

On Wii Sports tennis, learning how to spike serve is not very difficult.  However, there is no way in which you can spike serve every single time.  The following steps demonstrate the most common ways to achieve the spike serve in Wii Sports tennis, which can be completed approximately half of the time.

  1. Timing is everything.  Spike serving in Wii Sports tennis is about timing.  Once your character throws the ball up into the air to be served, you can often execute the spike serve by hitting the ball at the height of the throw.  Spike serves are commonly seen when the timing is just right.
  2. Try hitting "A" button at the height of the serve.  The spike serve is also commonly performed when you hit the "A" button on the serve.  Following the previous point, try hitting the "A" button simultaneously to hitting the ball on the serve.  This will often complete the spike serve on Wii Sports tennis.
  3. Perform the serve with speed and force.  Another common way to perform the spike serve in Wii Sports tennis is to do it quickly.  Once you raise the controller to begin the serve, quickly and forcefully execute the serve at the top of its path.  Part of the ambiguity in the consistency of the spike serve is in the points mentioned thus far; many players combine these points which leads to a common number of spike serves in Wii Sports tennis.  Try using all of these elements appropriately to obtain the elusive spike serve in Wii Sports tennis.



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