How To Spike A Volleyball

How to spike a volleyball requires agility, speed and a Mean-Joe-Green aggression. There are two roles in the sport of volleyball: setters and spikers. Setters are sweet, nice people, but don’t mess with spikers, they have warrior blood in their veins. Keep reading and see if you have the chops to become a spiker.


  1. Stance. Believe it or not, you need to stand outside the court right before the ball is set to you. You need the distance to stride forward using that forward momentum for the attack.
  2. Plant. Once you’re inside the court, you now plant feet and squat. Lower your body until your buttocks stick out behind you. Also, swing both hands with palms facing upward behind you.
  3. Jump. After planting your feet, jump up by pulling both arms upward and keeping one arm straight out in front of you with the palm and fingers together like a karate chop. This is your guide arm. Arc your entire body, bend your legs and bend your free arm behind you. Your body should torque about thirty degrees in front of the net.
  4. Spike. Swing that free hand forward and with the palms and heel of your hand, hit the ball while it’s still high over your head. Spike the top of the ball. Snap or whip your wrists which will cause the ball to spin.
  5. Ready. The last step is that once you’ve dropped, you must immediately get into the ready position which is to stand on the balls of your feet. Bend both legs, one in front of the other and be prepared to shuffle backwards out-of-bounds if the ball is set to you again.


Spiking requires timing between setter and spiker. This game takes lots of practice for the setter to set the volleyball at just the right height for the spiker to optimize the attack. Once you’ve spiked an ace, be sure to grunt and holler. Take that to the bank because you just showed everyone how aggressively manly you are. And yes, girls think that’s hot.

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