How To Spin A Basketball

Learning how to spin a basketball will impress anyone. Spinning a basketball on your finger is a hard technique to master, but once you have, you will become a basketball master. It's so hard to spin a basketball that people have invited a device that you hold in your fingers that spins the ball for you. Though this is cheating, it can be a useful tool to enable yourself to spin your basketball with your finger.   

  1. Balance your finger before attempting to spin the ball. Practice holding your finger straight up. It has to be perfectly balanced. Once you have the ability to hold your finger, try to balance the basketball on your finger without spinning the basketball. 
  2. Spin the ball on your finger. Position the ball on your finger and with your free hand, take the top of the basketball and spin it clockwise or counter clockwise. The first couple of times you try to spin the ball, it will automatically fall. You have to follow the ball when it is spinning with your finger. This is hard to do because the ball is very unpredictable. With practice you will be to follow the ball quickly. 
  3. Purchase the basketball spinning device. The basketball spinner is a metal device that has a holder at the bottom and a spinning disk at the top. Hold the basketball spinner in-between your fingers and place the basketball on the spinning disk. Using the device allows you to give the illusion that you are spinning the basketball. Practice balancing the ball with the device and you will be able to master spinning your basketball. 
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