How To Spine Align A Golf Shaft

If you are one who likes to build your own golf clubs or just feel that there is something not quite right with your existing set, you may want to learn how to spine align the shaft. Every golf club shaft has a defect, or a stiff line that tends to bend unevenly, whether it is mad of titanium, graphite or steel. This is commonly referred to as the spine of the golf club shaft. If this is not aligned properly, it can effect your golf shot. You can spine align your golf club shaft in a couple of simple steps. 

A few things you will need are:

  • Materials to attach the club head
  • spine finder
  1.  Locate the spine of the golf club. To my knowledge, there is no laymen way of finding the spine of the golf club. You may try to place the club shaft in a vice and slightly bend it to search for the inconsistent bend in the shaft, but this would be a long shot guess, at best. There are different companies that offer specialized tools that may be used to accurately locate the spine of the golf club shaft. This is highly recommended.
  2. Attach the golf club head. After you have successfully located the spine of the golf club shaft, it is time to attach the golf club head. This will require a vice, or some type of  device to secure the shaft, some epoxy and a ferrule. Attach the golf club head to the shaft, with the spine of the shaft either facing toward the target or away from the target, for increased consistency of the golf club.



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