How To Splatter Paint On Jeans

Learning about how to splatter paint on jeans can be a fun, fashion project. You can splatter paint on jeans to create a shaggy, distressed, "accidently natural" look to your jeans. Or you may splatter paint on jeans to create cool looking designs of unique shapes and sizes, expressing your own creative fashion look.

To splatter paint on jeans, you will need:

  • Newspaper
  • Desired fabric paint color
  • Jeans
  • Paint roller
  • Shape sponges (also known as compressed sponges)
  1. First, wash, dry and iron your jeans on medium to high heat. Make sure the jeans are wrinkle free before you splatter paint on jeans.
  2. Lay out several thick sheets of newspaper on a flat surface to cover floor from paint splatters. Fully paint proof the area that you will be using when you are paint splattering the jeans. Ventilate the area with a fan or open windows to air out paint fumes which can be toxic. Wear clothing that you won't mind getting paint on when working with paints.
  3. Choose a desired fabric paint color, a combination of colors, and decide the size of the paint splats. Make sure they fit the hue and style of your jeans. For instance, dark colored blue jeans that are loose fitting and long may go best with white or cream paints that have medium to large paint splats and blotches. Lighter colored jeans, that fit tighter on the body, may go best with smaller paint ink stains white, dark grey or brown paint splat.
  4. Pour the paint. Once you have chosen a color and have decided the type of paint splats would like you jeans to have, pour a can of paint into a paint tray, dipping a moderate amount of paint onto a paint roller.
  5. Begin to flick the paint roller on the jeans in the areas that you would like the paint splatters or blotches to show. Create smaller, minute paint splats by only adding a small amount of paint to the paint roller, using quick wrists flicks to make small paint splatter on jeans. To make larger paint blots or paint patches, apply a moderate amount of paint to the paint roller and roll and dab the paint onto the jeans. Use paint sponges (which can be purchased at a craft store) of different shapes and sizes (like stars, hearts, or letters) to give your jeans a more creative touch.
  6. Dip sponges into the paint and to dab the sponge on the jeans. Place the sponge designs anywhere on the jeans where you see fit. Use a variety of different color paints to add uniqueness to the jeans. Be creative and have fun. 



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