How To Splint A Femur Fracture

How to splint a fractured femur can be very hard to do but luckily with the right know how and a little bit of practice anyone can easily tackle this first aid skill. The most important thing is to make sure that you have the right supplies to do this with.  two boards or sticks some kind of padding preferably something that will help to keep the leg from moving. 

  1. Step one, look at the fractured femur identify where the splint will be needed. By doing this it will help you to determine the exact placement of the boards. 
  2. Once you have identified the area, place the boards or the sticks on both sides of the fractured leg or arm. 
  3. Begin to wrap the leg with either a gauze or whatever cloth is handy and begin tying it into knots. 
  4. With that done, make sure you pack material on either side where there is room for the leg or arm to move to stabilize it to keep it from moving. 
  5. Circulation is very important. Check for the persons ability to move outside of the splint.
  6. Now, to make sure, before you are done, it's important to go back over the splint to double check your work and to make sure that the person is comfortable. 

Its very important that if you are in fact doing this method that the person is taken to a hospital because this in no way is something that can go without being looked at by professionals. Splinting a fractured femur is something that is very handy to know how to do and perform correctly. Now that you know how to do this feel free to branch out and learn other first aid methods. You can never be to prepared. 

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