How Sports Betting Works

Many people are interested in learning how sports betting works. Since sports betting is very popular in the United States as well as many other countries all over the world, it is a very popular avenue of entertainment for sports fans everywhere. 

  1. In order to begin betting on sports, the first thing that needs to be tackled is finding a sports book or someone that is able to take sports bets from people. Las Vegas is one of the only places in the United States that allows sports betting. In Las Vegas there are many casinos that take sports bets. If not in Las Vegas, there are online sports books, which take bets over the Internet.
  2. After finding a place to make sports bets, next it is important to find out how the actual sports betting works. For example, if there is an NFL game between the Lions and Raiders, one team is an underdog and one is a favorite. If the Raiders are the favorite, they will be -3. This means the Raiders need to win by more than three to win the bet. If the Raiders win by three, the bet is a tie and the money for the amount of the wager is returned to the bettor. If a bet on the underdog team is placed, the Lions, then Detroit needs to either lose the game by less than three or win the game to win that bet. If the Lions lose the game by three points, the bet is considered a tie and all money is returned to the bettor.
  3. Another way to bet on sports is by just betting on the team to win. In order to bet on the team to win, there are odds given on each team to win. For this example, the Raiders vs. Lions game will still be used. If betting on the Raiders, the odds are -125. What the -125 means, is that the bettor needs to wager $125 to win $100. By betting on the Lions, the odds will be +115. This means by if someone bets $100 on the Lions, they will win $115. This rewards the bettor more for successfully picking a team that is not expected to win.
  4. Yet another way to bet on sports is by betting on the total of the game. In the Raiders vs. Lions game, a total will be set. Let's say the total is set at 45. The bet needs to be placed on the over or under. In order to win an over bet, the total points of the two teams combined must exceed 45. To win an under bet, the total points must be under 45. If the total points turns out to be 45, the bet is a tie and all money is returned.

For people that are interested in learning about how sports betting works, it is important to realize that betting is a form of amusement, opposed to a form of income. It is important to never wager more money that can be afforded to lose. When done in moderation gambling can be a great form of amusement. A good portion of learning how to bet on sports is learning how to manage a bank roll and acting responsibly while betting.



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