How To Spot Authentic Gucci Watches

Spotting an Authentic Gucci Watch is getting increasingly difficult as imitation Gucci watches are becoming more and more available to the masses. Because of the problems facing consumers today with the tough economy, others are cutting corners and purchasing fakes. However, if you are looking at purchasing an authentic Gucci watch, here are some pointers to spotting an authentic Gucci watch.

  1. Weigh the watch. An authentic Gucci watch will be heavy. For example, a gold Gucci watch would be made of all gold. A fake Gucci watch would use light gold plating to save up on money. Gold is heavier than a plated gold watch.
  2. The links aren't hollow. In a Gucci watch, the links are full metal. An imitation Gucci watch will have hollow links. This will also make the watch lighter in weight.
  3. Small details in the face of the watch are noticeable. The face of a fake Gucci watch will have variance in how the numbers are spaced as well the time indicators. Look closely to see if there are any crooked pieces on the face.
  4. Keeping it smooth. An authentic Gucci watch will keep time smoothly because of the Swiss movement they utilize. Watch the minute and hour hands to see if there are ticking issues. Usually, a fake won't keep time well.
  5. Look for proof of purchase. Only Gucci watches can be sold at authorized Gucci boutiques. With that, if shopping on the Internet, try to find a proof of purchase from one of these authorized boutiques.
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