How To Spot An Authentic Watch

Learning how to spot an authentic watch can be a very handy skill. If you want to buy a nice watch and you are afraid of getting ripped off, it is best that you know what to look for, as many knock-offs are sold cheaply as nicer models, and some people pay for these and think that they have the real deals. Following is some information on how to spot an authentic watch, as opposed to one that is a knock off that will rip you off if you buy it.

How to Spot an Authentic Watch

  1. Many people who find great deals on jewelry worry that what they may be purchasing is not the real deal. When buying from indirect sellers who sell used watches, it can come in very handy to take any watch you buy to a certified appraiser. Quality watches such as Rolexes are prone to being knocked off, so after buying one, be sure to take it to a place that you can trust to see if it is real.
  2. Many people, however, do not have access to certified appraisers, or, when buying from some vendors, are not able to do returns. To buy right in such a situation, you must know on the spot whether or not the watch is authentic. Memorize the names and logos of any nice watches that you would consider buying. If necessary, right these down, and describe the logo, and keep a note of this in your wallet in case you happen upon any great watch deals. Consult the websites of watch manufacturers to find specific information on authenticity. Many watch manufacturers will designate certain characteristics to look for (such as Rolex's crown logo near the six o'clock marker, implemented in 2002). Keep these in mind, or write them down.
  3. Before buying, check to see that any quality watch is from a name brand manufacturer. Many knock-offs actually have fake names that sound like they could be authentic, so make sure that you have heard of the name, or consult any information that you have written down on nice watches.
  4. If a watch's vendor claims that it is from a top name brand company, you need to examine the logo thoroughly. If you have done your research, you should be able to spot an authentic watch by looking at the logo and the design, which can tell you whether or not it is real, as something will be askew in a knock-off. Make sure than any authenticity characteristic is there, too. If a watch seems to be from a real company, and it looks like a real model and has all authenticity characteristics, it is real, as.

Learning how to spot an authentic watch is something that every buyer should be able to do before investing in a timepiece. If possible, take the watch to an appraiser to find out for sure, and, otherwise, make sure that you know what to look for. Know the logo, design of the models, and authenticity indicator characteristics, and you can avoid getting ripped off.

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