How To Spot Bat Poop

Learning how to spot bat poop is very helpful if you want to keep bats out of your belfry. These little (and sometimes not so little) guys sometimes find the attic a great place to roost and will happily set up headquarters there, make babies and come and go at dusk if you let them. If you can spot bat poop (otherwise known as guano), you can keep these guests from mingling with your family after dark.

You will need:

  • Ladder
  • Gloves
  1. Use a ladder to climb up onto the roof. This is usually the first place to spot bat poop. Look under trim boards, around vents and windows and anywhere else that has a space even so small as a half inch. These places are ideal access points for bats to get in under siding and around trim.
  2. Look closely at the roof. Check near any of these openings to spot bat poop. Identifying it is simply a matter of knowing where you might find it, and what it looks like. You'll find it on surfaces near openings. It is dark in color and roughly a quarter inch in length and oval shaped (like grains of rice). It may be in individual pellets or clustered in groups.
  3. Wear gloves when handling bat poop. If necessary to pick it up when you spot bat poop, be sure to put your gloves on first to prevent any transfer of feces-born bacteria or parasites.

It is important to keep bat colonies from infesting your home. Learning how to spot bat poop is crucial to this endeavor as bat feces can cause respiratory problems and structural damage if left to accumulate.

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