How To Spot Bicurious Men

Here are some ways on how to spot bicurious men. There are various signs to watch out for to spot bicurious men according to their own behavior and ways. Be keen enough to suspect one is a bicurious man when you see the following signs. 

  1. Bicurious men are those with high interest with the same sex but not necessarily labeling themselves as bisexual. They are mostly curious about exploring with their identity but prefer to remain homosexual until they are certain they are bisexual or want to remain heterosexual.
  2. You can spot bicurious men according to how they behave. They may show intense interest to the opposite sex to the point where they are highly attracted with nude pictures of men or has the tendency to admire other men. Some men may pursue a relationship with the opposite but may be open to having a relationship with other men too. This behavior is often referred as heteroflexibility which is common among bicurious men who are still on the stage of exploring their sexuality.
  3. It is sometimes difficult to instantly spot bicurious men. They are more sociable and can be very comfortable to be with both sexes. They are in a relationship with the opposite sex thus making it hard to tell that they are bicurious. But you can instantly spot bicurious men when they are open to the idea of having sex with the same gender or like to watch gay porn.
  4. You can also lead on bicurious men by giving comment about admiring guys and see how he reacts. You can pay close attention in giving his point of views and the kind of statements he will give regarding the opposite sex. You can also keep close detail of his circle of friends and relationship history.
  5. Bicurious men usually do not stay long as one once they decide their own sexual preference. Some will remain homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Being a bicurious is a stage of discovering one’s sexuality and later on decides what they really are.
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