How To Spot A Bisexual Girl

You are always out with the boys on a Saturday night, so you want to know how to spot a bisexual girl. Whether you want to have some multiple fun or not, spotting a bisexual girl is a skill. It is more than just scanning her outfit or watching the way she dances with her girlfriends in the crowd. The tips below will help you to learn how to spot a bisexual girl the next time you are out on a Saturday night.

  1. Watch how she acts with the girls. If you see a girl on stage kissing another girl, there is no doubt that they both are bisexual. However, sometimes spotting a bisexual girl is more difficult than this. Nevertheless, there are still small signs you can watch out for. For instance, notice the distance between her and her girlfriends. How close are they sitting or dancing to each other? Do they pass love taps to each other while they are talking? Although behavior may vary across cultures, these are a few common signs you may want to spot that may be indicative of a bisexual girl.
  2. Ask, Listen, and Learn. So, you make it to the part where you buy her a drink, or maybe she gives you her number and you both go out on a few dates. You still aren't certain if you have spotted you a bisexual or not, which is why during this communication stage, listening is key. Does she allude to past bisexual encounters? Does she show an appreciativeness for the female anatomy? In this stage, you have to open up your ears, as listening is they key to knowing if the girl is bisexual or not.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Don't be misconceived. Bisexual people are a hidden population, and because most people assume that a person is heterosexual, you might not even know that the girl who you bought a drink is a bisexual lover. Hence, don't be surprised if the girl sitting close to her girlfriend is bisexual. Or in other words, don't assume that every girl you meet is 100% heterosexual.
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