How To Spot A Counterfeit Disney Pin

Everyone loves Disney World but not many know how to spot a counterfeit Disney pin. Disney has been a powerhouse name since the 1930's. Merchandise, shows, movies and even celebrities now have a Disney stamp. Disney pins have become just one of the many items that are collectible and are wonderful keepsakes to own. However, there have been a lot of people taking advantage of this and have made pins that are not authentic and are counterfeit. It is good to know what to look for and how to spot a counterfeit so you are not duped into buying something that in the long run is worthless. Counterfeit pins are also called scrapper pins. The majority comes from China but also keep in mind that some legitimate pins are also made in China. Here are some tips for spotting a scrapper. 

  1. Scrappers are usually not the first ones made but the "seconds." You will notice a dull quality and a look that is not as good as the others. Take a very careful look at the back for the Disney symbol. If there is a Disney symbol on a fake, it will be cloudy looking. 
  2. When looking for pins online, there are certain words and phrases the seller will use which, 9 times out of 10, will make it known that it is a fake. Obviously, anyone pointing out feedback or reviews is just some possibly looking to rip you off. They will also write that "all pins have the Disney Copyright." This is usually a given. If they have to say it, it may indeed be a fake. Also, even scrappers can have a copyright. 
  3. Pay attention to numbered pins. If they are legitimate, they will have the number on them, for example, the number 18/300. If it is a fake, it will be blank. 
  4. Look at the edges of the pin; legitimate pins will have perfectly smooth edges. If it doesn't, this could be a scrapper.
  5. Do your research on past fake pins and follow the trends. 

Be smart; do your research and you can go far and not get ripped off. If you do feel you have been ripped off, then you need to contact or return to the seller. Also, note that these scrappers are 100% illegal. 

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