How To Spot Exotic Replica Cars

Learning how to spot exotic replica cars can be quite easy if you know to look out for. Exotic replica cars are usually built and driven by people who cannot afford the real thing. Exotic replicas are made by transforming other vehicles by using donor parts and placing them onto another automobile chassis. The goal of an exotic automobile maker is usually to make the outside look as good as possible, followed by the interior. Most of the time, they will not make any modifications under the hood.

  1. Examine the wheelbase of the automobile. One of the biggest giveaways with regards to whether or not a car is genuine, is the wheelbase length. If you look at a replica car, it will definitely look a little bit off if the wheelbase dimensions are not correct. Most of the time, people will use a chassis from a smaller automobile such as a Pontiac Fiero. Exotic cars usually have a very wide stance with a fairly long wheelbase. If the car looks a little too short, it can be a dead giveaway that it is not genuine exotic automobile.

  2. Look under the hood of the car. Exotic cars not only look good, they also perform as good as they look. Genuine exotic automobiles are built for performance, and they look good as well. When people make replica automobiles, they mostly concentrate on the exterior looks of the car. If you look under the hood of a Ferrari and find a GM engine, it is a replica car. Another giveaway is the exhaust system. Replica automobiles will usually not have the same exhaust note, compared to the real high horsepower exotic automobile motor. The reason for this is because the exhaust system sounds much different, when you don't have the horsepower to match.

  3. Closely examine the interior of the exotic automobile. It is very expensive to purchase genuine exotic car parts. If you examine the seats, the leather will not be as well made in a replica automobile. The leather may even feel like plastic in a replica exotic car. You should also examine the dashboard as well. Most of the time, replica car manufacturers will not use OEM (i.e. Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini) factory gauges. The dashboard will most likely be the same as the donor vehicle chassis, with little or no modifications made.

If you look in those three areas above, you will be able to easily spot whether or not an exotic is actually a replica car.

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