How To Spot Fake Burberry

Looking for the perfect Burberry purse, jacket or overcoat, but afraid of the fashion embarrassment that will result if you end up paying for a fake? Well, put your learning hat on, and get ready for Fake Burberry Spotting 101. There will  be a test at the end, especially for those of you who decide to give that new Burb' to someone close, like a wife or girlfriend.

  1. Check the Certificate. There is nothing more important than this. If you did not obtain the certificate of authenticity (sort of like a breeding document that comes with every official Burberry product, including purses,) you can bet that what you got is a knock-off. The real deal's certificate includes a print of the famous Burberry tartan.
  2. Check the Material. If it feels like plastic, you might want to skip out on this particular purse or jacket, because Burberry generally sticks to leathers and silks for most of their finer products.  As a general rule, the material tag in the back or inside liner (which also ought to bear distinctive Burberry markings,) should list details that seem well in line with how nice the item feels.
  3. Check the Price. Burberry's chic handbags can sell for a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each while jackets typically blow purse prices out of the water. Making sure you don't waste your time chasing after "steals" because even if they weren't "stolen," they're most likely imitation. Expect to spend a nice chunk of change on your lover or significant other's new best companion, as it's highly likely the amount will come up in conversation later on, and you'll have a tough time convincing her of its authenticity when you tell her it came from the bargain bin. This same rule holds true for items like shirts and jeans and boots.
  4. Check the Obvious Stuff. Remember that if the tag reads "Berberry," you are holding a knockoff. You wouldn't buy a product called "Super Nuntendo Entertainment System," would you?  Make sure the seams look well stitched enough that you can't see through them, that the item didn't come from Hand-Me-Down Town, and get her a nice Burberry coat or purse.  Look around on the Burberry site to compare things if you really want an idea of what to expect. If after all these steps, she still has some argument for why it's a fake, you've done enough work to justify saying something like "at least i tried," and make her feel bad for bugging you about it.
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