How To Spot Fake Designer Jeans

Knowing how to spot fake designer jeans is one skill you should have before you spend your hard earned money. Knock off designer jeans can be found online and in retail stores. This article will show you what to look for when purchasing designer jeans to ensure they are authentic.

  1. Inspect the fabric. Authentic designer jeans are made from premium material and will have a softer, lighter feel against the skin. Fake designer jeans are generally made with a cheaper fabric that is stiffer and heavier.
  2. Examine the stitching carefully. Fake designer jeans will often have uneven, sloppy, loose or inconsistent stitching somewhere on the garment. Authentic designer jeans always have flawless stitching and adhere to strict quality control. Every stitch is sewn to perfection.
  3. Check the pockets. Almost all designer jeans has some sort of signature stitching on the pockets. Go to the designer's original website to make yourself familiar with the exact design so you will know when you spot a fake.
  4. Check the label. Trying to spot a fake label can be tricky. Manufacturers of fake designer jeans spend more time on creating a similar label since this is what most people inspect when purchasing designer jeans. An authentic designer label will have perfect stitching all the way around the label. Fakes will have often have a small difference in font than authentic designer jeans.
  5. Check the zipper. Designer jeans use zippers with a company logo on them. Fake designer jeans often overlook this small detail and use a generic zipper.
  6. Compare the prices. If the designer jeans are selling for a much lower price than they are normally sold for, chances are you have spotted a fake.
  7. Check for misspellings. Sometimes the manufacturers of fake designers jeans will try to avoid copyright infringement by purposely and subtly misspelling the logo or other writings. Be sure to check your designer jeans thoroughly for any misspellings. Also, be sure the jeans do not say "Made in China" anywhere on the tag.
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