How to Spot Fake Ed Hardy Clothing

Ed Hardy has become a popular brand of clothing, especially for men, so knowing how to spot Ed Hardy clothing is a must. Renowned fashion designer Christian Audigier created this fun and fresh fashion line. Unfortunately, some people and companies have been selling knock-offs of this brand on the Internet and black market. You will find some easy ways on how to spot fake Ed Hardy Clothing.

  1. Check the tags of your clothing. This is a dead ringer way on how to spot fake Ed Hardy clothing. Make sure that the tags are no hanging off of the shirt. Look on the Ed Hardy website to see if the color of the tags is the same.
  2. Look for the logo on the clothing. Genuine Ed Hardy clothing should have the Christian Audigier signature. Look for this signature on the clothing and tags. This is another easy way on how to spot fake fake Ed Hardy clothing since the fakes don’t have the signature or initials on them.
  3. Feel the texture of the clothing. Labels on a fake Ed Hardy shirt will be glossy and painted, instead of embroidered or textured. Run your clothing through the wash to see if the labels peel off after. Make sure the fabric of your clothing isn’t cheap and flimsy, which is another way to find out if it’s fake.
  4. Examine the details on your clothing. Authentic Ed Hardy clothing has fine details. You can learn how to spot fake Ed Hardy clothing by seeing if the designs are less detailed. The graphics will be very thin and block-like, unlike the real Ed Hardy designs.
  5. Look for repetitive designs. Check to see if the name or signature is repetitive. If you do see it repeatedly, it’s a knock-off for sure. The real Ed Hardy clothing doesn’t have a repeat of the same designs.
  6. See if the clothing has rhinestones. You can do this simple step on how to spot fake Ed Hardy clothing. Fake Ed Hardy clothing will typically have no rhinestones on them. This is a tried and true way to see if your clothing is a knock-off.
  7. Compare your clothes with real Ed Hardy clothes. Log on to the official Ed Hardy website. Compare the similarities or differences between your clothing and their clothing. Zoom in on the pictures so you can get a better idea.


Only buy your clothing from the Ed Hardy website or retail stores that carry the brand name.


Make sure you read the return policy before buying any Ed Hardy clothing. If there’s no return policy, chances are that it’s a knock off.

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