How To Spot Fake Gucci

Learning how to spot fake Gucci products saves you from embarrassment and the loss of your hard-earned cash. The House of Gucci is an Italian designer label that produces items like handbags, clothing and shoes. Fake Gucci items are knock-offs intended to look like a real Gucci product and are widely available due to the high cost of real Gucci items.

  1. Study the logo on the item. An actual Gucci product has a distinctly shaped "G," while a logo on a knock-off product may look more like "Eucci" at first glance. A logo that is poorly stitched, worn or faded may also indicate a fake product.
  2. Check over the material colors. A fake Gucci product may be faded or dingy in color when compared to a real Gucci item.
  3. Look at dusk jackets on purses. Dusk jackets covering Gucci handbags are heavy and well made. Fake purses have thin or poorly sewn dust jackets.
  4. Look at the tags on the item for spelling and grammar errors. Be sure to check the inside of purses and clothing items for tags and labels. Check the inside of both shoes.
  5. Check where the item was manufactured. A real Gucci item should have a tag indicating the product was made in Italy unless the item is a watch. Look for a mark indicating the watch was made in Switzerland to verify the authenticity of the item.
  6. Contact Gucci's Customer Assistance at the official website. Gucci will answer specific questions about official products and markings.
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