How to Spot Fake Jordan Shoes

Want to learn how to spot fake Jordan shoes? With the recent increase in the price of Air Jordans and the current economic recession, fake Air Jordans have become increasingly common. The main problem with cheap Air Jordans is that they are replicas instead of being authentic. Fake Jordans are hard to spot, though. Here are some helpful tips that can act as a red flag.

  1. Check the price. If the Air Jordans are less than $85 dollars, then most likely they are fake. Authentic Air Jordans are worth at least $130 or higher.
  2. Check the description when purchasing them. Websites that sell fake Air Jordans use different words to mislead people. Some of the words these websites use are: slightly imperfect, authentic quality, and replicas.
  3. Check the Nike website. Fake websites like to sell shoes that have outrageous colors. These shoes are fake. Going to the Air Jordan website allows you to compare the shoes you want to buy. If the shoes you want to buy are not on the website then they are fake. Some of the websites that sell authentic Jordans are:,,, and
  4. Be careful of EBay. Many people like to buy Air Jordans off Ebay, but are disappointed when they come in the mail and the Jordans are fake. Never purchase shoes off EBay unless you know that the shoes are authentic. A clear indication of authentic Air Jordans is that the seller will tag the picture of his shoes. From here, you can go to the Air Jordans website and compare the tagger shoes.
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