How To Spot Fake Kobe Bryant Signature

Are you considering buying a Kobe Bryant signatured item and want to learn how to spot fake Kobe Bryant signature? Many items that are put on eBay have the chance of being a fake. With the introduction of technology in the memorabilia business it has become very important to be able to spot a fake signature. Autographed memorabilia is a great keepsake. Since it also holds a large price tag creating fakes has become a business where there is money to be made. Do not be taken by these scams. Be aware and alert when it comes to spotting a fake Kobe Bryant signature. 

  1. Feed back. Check the sellers feed back. With positive feed back there will be a higher chance that the signature is real. Do not put all your faith in the feed back though. Sometimes it could be either the fact that all those people do not know they were scammed or the chance that they are falsified.
  2. Certificate of Authenticity. This is a certificate that as it says certifies the authenticity of the signature. If this is accompanying the Kobe Bryant signature then there is a good chance that the item is real. These can be falsified too. Do not put all your faith in the certificate. If it has one it does not mean that the Kobe Bryant signature is real.
  3. Take the opportunity. If buying the item from a store find out all the information about the signature. When, where, and how it was obtained. The more likely it could happen the more likely it could be true. If you are buying it off eBay this is not going to be an option so bid low and try to make it so that if it is a fake it does not get you too discouraged.
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