How To Spot Fake Lacoste

It is important to learn how to spot a fake Lacoste shirt. The label has been a perennial favorite among fashion conscious men and women due to their clean designs and outstanding quality. Because to the huge global demand for Lacoste items, bootleg shirts have are being mass produced in rudimentary sweatshops across Asia by unscrupulous manufacturers hoping to cash in the brand's popularity.

To spot a fake Lacoste shirt, you will need:

  • A sample Lacoste shirt (fake or genuine)
  • A good light source
  • A sharp pair of eyes
  1. Check the emblem. Lacoste products have always been the one most recognizable thanks to their green crocodile logo. This emblem is present in one form or another in all of their apparel. With an authentic Lacoste shirt, the crocodile design should be very distinct. The teeth, claws and scales are very clear. Bootleg copies usually sport a very sloppy crocodile design. It is also worth noting that the men's line of polo shirts should have an embroidered crocodile patch that is carefully stitched onto the shirt. The women's polo shirt line will have the logo printed directly onto the shirt.

  2. Check the alignment of the crocodile. The placement is another crucial indicator. A real Lacoste shirt should have the logo right next to the buttons. Fakes often have their logo placed a little lower or higher.

  3. Check the buttons. With a good light source, closely scrutinize the buttons. Lacoste uses authentic mother of pearl buttons with no printing or labeling. Fake shirts usually use standard plastic buttons. Others will even have “Lacoste” stamped on these buttons.

  4. Check the fabric. An authentic shirt is made from quality, pure soft cotton. They are well made and neatly threaded. Fakes sometimes use a polyester and cotton mix and the finished product is not as polished as a genuine shirt.

  5. Check the sizing. Lacoste uses a numbered sizing system instead of the usual words or letters. A shirt that uses traditional sizing indicators such as “large” or “L” is clearly a fake.

  6. Use your common sense. A genuine shirt should come from an actual Lacoste branded store or from major retailers. Contrary to what some may think, Lacoste does not operate factory discount outlets. Supposed bargains from online sellers or sidewalk hawkers are almost always scams. Lacoste products are always priced at a premium. If it's too good to be true, chances are, it is.

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