How To Spot Fake Louis Vuitton Wallet

Learning how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton wallet is important if you are planning on making a purchase anytime in the near future. Knowing what to look for helps you determine whether or not you get what you are paying for. One of the reasons that his line is so unique and distinct is that they never offer discounts, no year-end or sample sales. There are some really great imitations Louis Vuitton Wallets on the market today, so determining if you are purchasing a real or fake is not that easy.

  1. Look at the zippers. On most Louis Vuitton wallets the zippers are brass or gold. Sometimes they are silver, but they will never be made to look cheap.
  2. Look at the pattern on the wallet. The pattern should always will not differ from the pattern on other items from the same line. The patterns are all flawlessly the same.
  3. Look at the inside of the wallet. The inside of the wallet will have a small piece of leather hot stamped with where it the wallet was made. This can read in several different ways.  Louis Vuitton Made In France, or Made in France are the most common. While this is true of real wallets, many fake Louis Vuitton wallets may be stamped too, but they generally have cheaper looking leather.
  4. Look for a serial number. All Louis Vuitton wallets will have serial numbers.
  5. Look for a price tag. This is a good way to spot a fake Louis Vuitton wallet, because Louis Vuitton items never have price tags or bar codes attached to them.
  6. Examine the leather. The leather of the wallet should feel smooth to the touch and look shiny.
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