How To Spot A Fake Movado Watch

Knowing how to spot a fake Movado watch will help you to make sure you purchase the real thing. Movado watches are some of the most luxurious watches and are sold around the world. Because of their high value many fake versions of this watch are sold in a lot of different places. People can easily get ripped of by these fake look a like Movado watches, especially if they don't know what to look for. Here are some ways to spot a fake Movado watch.

To spot a fake Movado watch you need:

  • Internet access (for research)
  1. Do research to become familiar with the real thing. Become familiar with the way the real Movado watch feels, looks, and the craftsmanship of the watch. You can read about the watch and its history on the Movado website, and also visit an authentic Movado dealer to see the watch up close and personal and ask questions and get information about the watch.
  2. Know the real price of a Movado watch. Visit various retailers and look online at the company's website to get the average price for Movado watches. Finding a Movado watch under your researched price point, most likely will mean it is a fake. Pass up the Movado watch if the vendor offers a huge sale. Luxury items usually are not sold by vendors at a discount.
  3. Pay attention to the minor details of the watch. Incorrect serial numbers and out of place logos give away a fake Movado watch. A fake Movado watch will not have as good as a craftsmanship as an authentic one has. The authentic Movado watch is made very precise and with the upmost care.
  4. Check the printing on the watch. The face of the watch should either say "Swiss Movado Made" or "Swiss Made." If you see any printing such as "Swiss Movado Quartz," know that it is a fake. Also, the Movado logo should be printed in all capital letters.
  5. Check the inside of the watch. Remove the back cover of the watch so that you can get to the inside.  A fake Movado watch will not have the Movado logo on the inside, but a real one will be made with a Movado logo on the inside of the watch.
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